Background and history of our Club

  • Founded in 1926 – the land was a gift from George Cooper, a local builder who built the Triangle estate.  He designated the site for recreational purposes only, initially for the exclusive use of estate residents. In subsequent years this was broadened to a wider population
  • The site will never be built upon nor its use changed to anything other than recreation. This undertaking is the responsibility of four Trustees who live on the estate
  • The Club is managed day-to-day by a Management Committee of volunteers working closely with the Trustees and Resident’s Association. It is run on a not-for-profit basis by members for members – the only exception being the bar (which has a paid manager and staff)
  • In 2002 the Club was granted ‘Community Amateur Sports Club’ status which allows us to take advantage of certain tax breaks including Gift Aid
  • Over the years improvements have been made to the facilities, notably the installation of floodlights on 4 of the 6 tennis courts and the refurbishment of the lounge bar. In 2018 thanks to a generous donor and two sports-related grants we are refurbishing the changing rooms and kitchen.