The club has close ties with the local Residents’ Association (Gunnersbury Park Garden Estate & Adjacent Areas – GPGERA or GTRA for short)

Aims of the RA

  • Maintain and improve quality of life of residents where possible
  • Social (advertised on the club website and Facebook page – please see below):
    • Ad hoc events e.g. Saturday afternoon coffee & cake
  • Provide feedback to local Council (and other bodies) with views of Members in response to documents issued for consultation purposes
  • Make representations to local Council and other bodies on matters of concern as Committee sees fit such as traffic, planning, security and public services


If you live on the Estate*, an annual fee of just £5.00 per person covers regular Newsletters and other social events, litter pick-up gatherings and representation to council regarding local concerns.

Please join

Please use our contact page or visit us on Facebook –

*Location : Area in London Borough of Hounslow with boundaries: North – Gunnersbury Lane, East -London Underground Piccadilly & District lines, West – Gunnersbury Avenue and South – railway joining Brentford to South Acton Stations