All memberships are pro-rated based on the join date.  To find out the current rate please go here to join us. Alternatively, contact the Membership Secretary for more details.

Parents/Guardians of Juniors

The Club does not provide supervision for Juniors and their Safety and Behaviour is the responsibility of Parents/Guardians.

Mid-year Joiners

Competitive rates are available for NEW joiners who join part way through the year.

Email [email protected].

Joining Process

ALL members need to be registered with ClubSpark (quick and easy) and signed up for membership. Please use the following link: or visit our website: and go to the JOIN page.

When you select your membership package you will be taken to the Gunnersbury Triangle section of ClubSpark. You will then be asked to register or, if already registered, to sign in with ClubSpark.


Please pay using ClubSpark’s direct debit payment option, GoCardless, which is a BACS approved bureau and FCA authorised institution. It is a secure payment site and you are always protected by the Direct Debit Guarantee. Note: your direct debit authorisation is for this one-off payment only.

If you are unable to join or pay this way please contact the Membership Secretary who will assist you at [email protected].

New Joiners – Tennis

Upon confirmation of joining, the Club handbook and constitution will be emailed out to you. You will also be able to access our online booking system so please keep your ClubSpark login and password handy.

New Joiners – Table Tennis & Karate

Upon confirmation of joining, a supplementary form will be emailed to you to fill out additional information such as experience and medical information. One form per family member. Please email or hand to your Section Head when filled out.


Further enquiries please contact:

Gunnersbury Triangle Sports Club, The Ridgeway, London, W3 8LN

Email: Membership Secretary: [email protected]

Section Heads

Tennis – Philippa Wallbank ([email protected])

Karate – Sensei Dave Morgan ([email protected])

Table Tennis – Geoff Grange ([email protected])

Snooker – Paul McKenna ([email protected])

Data Protection

Your personal details are kept on the Club’s computerised membership database and will only be disclosed to people running the club on a need to know basis. No personal information will be given to any external third party. It is a condition of membership that you do not share the membership list or any personal details in any format to any person or organisation outside of the Club.