Since there are only limited occasions when it is permissible to use the online system to book courts in advance, please read the outline information below and the full court booking rules before using the online court booking system.

Booking Basics

One of the great things about our club is that it is usually possible to just turn up and play.  When doing this, members should use the peg board system to book on the spot which will secure the court for at least an hour.  Further information on using this peg board system can be found in The Court Booking Rules.

Booking in Advance for Recreational Play

Using the online court booking system to book courts in advance for purely recreational play is generally not permitted.  The exception to this is that during the winter evenings from September 15th to April 30th, when floodlights are needed, it is permissible to book courts 2, 3, 4 and 5 in advance for recreational play.

Booking in Advance for Matches

Members who have entered in one of the official club annual competitions such as the Summer Championships, The Winter Mixed Doubles, The Ladies Winter Singles and The Graham Carter Cup may use the online court booking system to book courts in advance for playing their matches.  Please refer to the full court booking rules, below, or go to the court booking page for information on days and times of available booking slots.



1  Overview

The court booking system is designed to make it easy to turn up and play without having to book in advance, though some booking in advance is also possible.

With one exception, booking in advance is only allowed for match play, where a match can be part of one of the club’s long-term tournaments (e.g. summer championships) or a recognised outside event such as Middlesex postal events, Tennis Jeannie etc.  The one exception is that between September 15th and April 30th inclusive, Courts 2, 3, 4 and 5 may be pre-booked in the evenings for personal recreational play.

For booking in advance, each member is issued with their own login details to make bookings online in advance, by visiting  See section 4 for further details on this.

In addition the courts are pre-booked at certain times on both a recurring and ad hoc basis for coaching, social play, internal tournaments, league matches, junior play and other special events. These bookings can be seen on the online booking tool.  The weekly “Tennis News” email also advertises these events so that members are aware of court availability.

Aside from the limited amount of pre-booking described above, the club operates a turn up and play “peg” system whereby members put their pegs on the appropriate board for their court to record their start time and are then entitled to a minimum of one hour’s play (provided the court has not been pre-booked as above). If a court is not available, members should put their pegs up as “waiting” for a court and are then entitled to use that court once the current occupants have had their hour of play.

Note that adults have priority on court over junior players (except those with adult playing rights) with the exception of Friday evenings when juniors have priority on all courts from 3.15 pm until 8.00 pm, and also when courts have been specifically booked for junior matches.

Also, bookings made in advance for match play have priority over on-the-spot bookings made for match play or personal recreational play.

2  Daylight hours

2.1  Advance court booking:

Tournament Match Play

There are a limited number of slots available across the week for advance booking for matches. These bookings can be made using the online booking system.  See section 4 for details of the online booking system and section 7 for the booking slots that are available.

Despite having booked in advance, match players must put their name pegs on the board for the relevant court and put up a “match” card just as they would when booking on the spot – see section 2.2 below for more information on this.

Personal Recreational Play

For personal recreational play during daylight hours, courts may only be booked on-the-spot.  See section 2.2 below for more information on this.

No courts may be booked in advance for personal recreational play during daylight hours.

2.2 Booking on the spot

Using the peg board system, all courts can be booked on-the-spot for match play or personal recreational play (singles or doubles) whenever they are not being used for league matches, internal or external tournaments, club social play (Wednesday evenings & Sunday afternoons), Junior Play (Friday afternoon/ early evening), by the club coach or for any special events.

To book a court for match play or personal recreational play, the name pegs of all the players must be entered in the section on the board corresponding to the court to be used, and the start time recorded using the time tags provided.  There are tags for each hour and for each quarter hour.  The start time to be recorded is the next quarter hour, i.e. a game starting at 9.01 or 9.14 should be entered as 9.15.  The start time must be entered on the board before going on court otherwise the booking is not valid.

Name pegs must be used for all players using a court.  Visitors should use the “visitor tags” provided.  The names of any visitors must first be recorded in the visitor’s book, kept above the floodlight token box.  The member introducing a visitor must pay the relevant visitor’s fee (£5) by putting the right money in the “post” box below the floodlight token box.  If they do not have the right money then they can mark the visitors’ book accordingly and pay later or when requested to do so by the Club Treasurer.

Personal  recreational play slots are for one hour (due to the recorded start times being at quarter hour intervals, the actual playing time will vary between 60 and 75 minutes). Match play on the spot will be for the length of the time of the match as long as the match is started at the designated pre court times.

If all the courts are in use, or players wish to book a particular court that is already being used, they should place their name pegs in the waiting box on the board for the court they want.  They then have the right to use the court when the game in progress has finished or when 60 minutes have elapsed from the recorded start time.

3  Floodlit hours

Due to the limited amount of floodlit court time available, all members are advised to book floodlit courts in advance using the online booking system (please refer to section 4 for details and section 7 for booking slots). This will give them priority over anyone who has just turned up in the hope of booking a floodlit court using the peg board system.  For floodlit bookings, personal recreational play has the same priority as match play, and players, regardless of the score in their match must expect to leave the court at the end of their booking time.

3.1  Floodlit booking period

Floodlit court booking is available from September 15th until April 30th.  Outside of this time period and on all other courts, “daylight” booking rules apply.

3.2  Individual booking

Courts 2, 3, 4 and 5 are available to book in ½ hour slots up to a maximum of 2 hours.  Please refer to section 7 for full details of the slots that are available.

3.3  Tokens and Payments

Each token provides lighting for half an hour.

All tokens must be paid for in advance and cost £3 each.

Tokens are available from the Bar with a maximum of 8 per person.

Note that the bar opens at 6.30pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays and 7.30pm on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays so tokens for earlier sessions will need to be bought in advance.

Token Machine Instructions are on a sheet above the machine




3.4  Floodlit Court Etiquette

Concurrent booking of courts under the same name is not permitted.

No shows – members are expected to cancel their online booking in advance so that someone else may then play.

Late arrival – 15 minutes grace is allowed after which the court booking is invalidated.

Lights automatically go out at 9.30pm in line with our planning permission.

Please remember that we are in a residential area and we should arrive and leave the club and use the courts with due regard to the residents’ desire for peace and quiet.

4  Online Court Booking System

All members are issued with personal login details to the online court booking system which can be accessed via or from the “court booking” tab on the club website.  Here you will see which courts are available for booking.

Online bookings must be made in advance, and online bookings take priority over all on-the-spot bookings (using the peg system).

The court booking system shows what courts are available to book and holds the information about regular and ad hoc bookings for coaching, social play, internal tournaments, league matches and junior play.

It is possible to cancel a booking online and members must do this if they find they cannot use a previously booked court.

Note that bookings online may only be made in line with the rules in this document. In particular it is still only permissible to make advance bookings for personal recreational play for floodlit hours on Courts 2, 3, 4 and 5 between September 15th and April 30th.  Advance booking of courts during daylight hours is only permitted for match play.  Consequently, unless a member is involved in a club tournament or recognised outside event, they should have no use of the online booking system between May 1st and September 14th inclusive.

It should not normally be necessary to involve the administrators in the court booking process.  However, in the event of a problem they can be contacted via the email address given at the bottom of the online booking page.

Any member wishing to book courts for a special event requiring reservation of several courts or reservation of courts outside the normal booking slots should first obtain approval from the tennis committee and then request that the administrators make the required bookings for them.  A special event is defined as any event that requires the simultaneous booking of two or more courts for more than 1½ hours.  Any member organising such an event is requested to give the tennis committee at least 6 weeks notice to consider the matter.

The administrator should also be contacted if a member has lost or has not yet received their login details.

5  Miscellaneous

The Committee may vary these rules at any time in the light of experience.  Amendments will be shown beside the booking board.  Any abuse of these rules or disagreements on their interpretation should be referred to the Committee.

No one has the right to use a court unless they have booked in accordance with these rules and must leave the court immediately if asked to do so by anyone who has correctly booked the court.

6  General Etiquette

During daylight hours, if players have not managed to finish a tournament match during the time for which they have booked their court, the accepted etiquette is that they be allowed to stay on court until their match is finished.  Just remember that next time, it could be your match that overruns.  Also, this etiquette is only fair if matches start on time, so please don’t turn up late and use this etiquette to hog a court when you really should have finished.

The above etiquette does not apply, however, for floodlit play due to the limited court availability.  If playing a match under floodlights, please book in advance for 1½ or 2 hours to give ample time to finish your match.  If you still don’t finish and someone else has booked the next session then you should relinquish your court.

During Sunday afternoon and Wednesday evening club social play hours, club social play has priority over match play and personal recreational play on all courts, except for court 6 on Wednesday evening.