Trevor Dwyer

Hi, My name is Trevor Dwyer and I am the current Chairman of Gunnersbury Triangle Club Management Committee.

The history of the club and its membership has been so important in my decision to take on the role. I was asked about 9 months ago to join the executive committee and subsequently asked to consider the chairman role with a view to taking the club in the 21st century, but I think I was asked because I respected the legacy and history of the club.

Happy, fun and healthy is exactly how I feel every single day that I come here. It has got me from never playing sport to playing almost every day for past 400 days. Although it hasn’t been easy. The reason for my lack of fitness was due to having suffered with a crippling disability for 13 years. Level 10 pain for 12 hours every day. Chronic cluster headaches caused by breaking my neck when I was a child. I was the first person in Europe to have a Deep Brain Simulator (Brain pacemaker) installed which was an immediate success. My condition is regarded as the worst pain know to mankind.

One of the proudest moments of my life was receive the Most Improved Player award at the annual dinner dance.

I hope the passion and forward thinking that I hope to bring, whilst respecting its long history, will allow us to move forward to allow the next generation of players to enjoy this wonderful place.

Malcolm Jenkins
Malcolm succeeded a much-respected and experienced secretary in 2017 after having received from her a thorough briefing on the role. So, no excuses for not knowing what was involved! He has been a local resident since 1996 and has come to value how important a function the Club fulfils in bringing the community together. Malcolm is a “born again” beginner at tennis, not having played regularly since school, and has enjoyed being coached back into the game. The challenge ahead will be to continue enjoying the social and sporting attractions on offer at the Club.

Claire Ward
Claire has been a member of the GTC tennis club since she was 12 years old. She has twice won the “Rising Star / most Improved player” award and has been a rising star amongst fierce competition in the league play. Claire is also the Gunnersbury Triangle Club Bar Manager a role she has made her own and hosts many varied events at the club, including the end of year championship ball. Claire has also started her own fitness company called GroupFizz and an events company.

Raffaele (Raff) Ercole
Health and Safety

Raff is a retired engineer who joined the club 3 years ago, despite living in the area for a long time. He is struggling to resurrect his past tennis skills. When not busy with H&S issues, he’s still trying to figure out whether to play with his right or left hand.

Cathal McCarthy
Cathal first joined the Club as a tennis member in 2006 but had to give up his membership in 2009 when his accounting job led him to live 6 years in Gibraltar. On returning from Gibraltar in 2015, he re-joined the Club, and has acted as Club Treasurer since then.

Mike Rivers
Mike has been a club member since 1981 and has held a number of roles since that time, as captain of the men’s 5 th team, tennis committee member, Chairman – Bar Committee, Club Vice Chairman, Member of Management Committee and Club Trustee. His favourite tennis moment was winning the adult/junior tournament with his younger son Martin and partnering older son Stephen to a win in a league match. He has been known to spend many happy hours in the bar!!

Zabrina Collings

Zabrina is our insanely cheerful taskmaster, also known as the Membership Secretary.  This Canadian brings her humour and spirit in everything that she does whether it’s overhauling a relic membership system or drowning in a sea of GDPR documents.  She’s a top team reserve for summer and winter leagues, and if you hear maniacal laughter on court it’s usually her.