My experience of the Gunnersbury Triangle Club

I want to tell you about my positive experience of joining the Gunnersbury triangle club and why I believe you should consider joining as well.

I am resident in one of the streets surrounding the Gunnersbury triangle club and have been for about seven years now. I joined the club when I moved to the area and I am glad I did. I mean that sincerely and I get an awful lot from the club and it is important to me. It offers a myriad of events, opportunities and ways to do sport, train, socialise and learn new skills.

I am no different to anyone else and work hard in a busy job. I work in healthcare and it can be very very intense, pressured and frequently it is stressful. I have an allotment at the club, and this is just one of many offerings the Gunnersbury triangle club provides from tennis to yoga to Karate. The allotment and my time there growing veg and winding down is precious to me and allows me to slow down, learn new skills, listen to the experience of others and that allotment is a precious release and a pleasure in my world. I’ve recently joined the snooker club because I wanted to try something completely different. I am a novice but have been welcomed and warmly coached and encouraged by the club members who meet on a monday and wednesday evening. It is a relaxed and fun way to learn a new skill and I’m loving it. I also value the social side of the club and meeting and connecting with neighbours, now friends, who are warm and fun and supportive.

I get a lot from the club with what I have described above and I hugely value it and the people I connect with there, in my life. It is incredibly warm and friendly and relaxed and also ridiculously inexpensive to join. It is very well run and the Chair and leaders genuinely listen to their members and seek to improve and meet their members needs. That is special. In all honesty I do not know the extent of the sport and social offerings it provides as I am enjoying and I am satisfied with what I do currently. I haven’t needed to look for anything more but I know the club offers more and would respond to suggestions and ideas.

Our club is a rarity for communities and has a precious place in my life and I know in the lives of others who run and attend it. It is the people who make it so good and I would wholeheartedly urge a visit at least to come and meet us. I defy you to then resist joining. I would , as is no surprise, recommend joining the triangle club as it provides so much with such genuine engagement and care for so many of us for what is actually so little in what we are asked to contribute.