Wilson Triniti Tennis Balls

One of life’s simple pleasures for me and most tennis players must be the act of cracking open a new tube of tennis balls. The sharp fizz of the pressure being released promises a match of good bounces and responsive performance.


Unfortunately that fizz also starts the clock running on what will be a pretty rapid decline in performance, as the pressure begins to seep out of the balls. If you are a regular player you might get a few more sessions out of them, but all too often they languish in your bag until it’s time to give them to the dog or put them in the practice bucket!

Globally we get through approximately 325 million tennis balls a year enough to make a decent ball pit in Centre Court!

So what if I told you that for not much more money than your current choice of ball you could buy a ball that according to the manufacturer plays for up to 4 times longer and at the same time does a little to help save the planet. All you have to do is give up the fizz!

I stumbled across the Wilson Triniti ball a few months ago and bought 24 from here. Wilson have made a completely new ball that does not need to be pressurised to work which means that gone is the pressure packaging and in comes a fully recyclable cardboard octagonal tube.

Ah I hear you say I’ve tried pressure-less balls before they were way too bouncy, hard, dead or all of above. Well contrary to any bad experiences you may have had with previous pressure-less balls the Triniti ball plays really nicely with good touch and spin.

Wilson have also produced a new felt which lasts well and does not turn into a fuzzy mess at the first sign of rain. In fact most of the sets I played with the ball were wet or very wet and not only did they not fuzz up they also seemed to pick up a lot less water than any other ball I’ve played with. Which means of course that they maintained their bounce even in extreme conditions.

I have been playing with them in as many matches as I can persuade my opponents to try them. Everyone who played with them had good things to say with most liking the consistent bounce-ability.

So the big question is how long do they last?

Sadly I don’t know, all I can tell you it’s at least 34 sets, as that’s how many my first set of balls have completed, come rain or shine, over the last 2 months! I put a dot on one of balls for every set the balls played. Never for one moment did I imagine I would run out of space!

So mission accomplished they play well, last well and don’t hurt the planet, just like it says on the tin, sorry I mean cardboard!